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Return Policy

We hope you are pleased with the item(s) you have selected! But if you need to make a return or exchange, we’re here to serve you. Claims must be made within 15 days after receipt of the shipped merchandize.

Refund Policy

  1. Do you offer a refund policy?

Yes, we do offer a refund policy under certain conditions. Our refund policy is applicable when your package is:

  • Damaged/Broken.
  • The item is not the same as you ordered.
  • The package did not arrive after you paid for it.


  1. What should I do if I receive a damaged or defective product?

If the customer receives a damaged or defective product, please email to CFTaos@newmex.com a description  and picture of the issue.  We will provide a full refund or replacement which ever you prefer. If a replacement is not possible, we will provide a full refund.

We will provide return instructions via email as needed,


  1. What are the eligibility criteria for a refund?

Our refund policy applies to all products purchased from our store, including decorations and gifts.


  1. What is the time limit for requesting a refund?

Customers may request a refund within 15 days of receiving the product.


  1. Is there a time duration for the refund?

Our refund policy is available for 15 days after receiving the order.


  1. How do we reach out to the CFT Décor and Gifts team for a refund?

Our customer representative team is available 7 days a week from 8-8 mountain time zone. Our clients should email us at CFTaos@newmex.com for any questions and queries.


  1. Will the CFT Décor and Gift team need any details about the received product?

Yes, we will require the customer to send us pictures of the product they have received in order to get a refund.


  1. Is there any chance for the refund to be canceled?

The refund will be canceled if the customer does not respond to us. If any buyer demands a refund for a product, they must stay in touch with us. For instance, by replying to our emails, picking up calls from our team, and sending us pictures of the delivered package.

If they fail to do, our team at CFT Décor and Gifts will not be responsible.


  1. How long does the refund process take?

Refunds will be processed within seven business days of receiving the returned product. The refund will be credited to the original payment method.


  1. What should I do if I have questions or concerns about the refund policy?

If you have any questions or concerns about our refund policy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email : CFTaos@newme.com or phone: 575.613.8739 . CFT Décor and Gifts’ customer service team will be happy to assist you.

Note: REFUSED AND UNDELIVERED ORDER: All refused or undelivered orders will incur a 15% restocking fee.

Please note that this policy is subject to change without notice. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us.

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