Julianne Ardemagni

Every meal can be a fiesta with the whimsical, functional ceramic art found in Eclectic Clayworks:  Your day will be brightened whenever you open a cabinet and see one of these joyful, colorful, celebrative ceramics smiling back at you.

 I paint out of my heart! I Love fanciful folk art. I'm all about making things that are bright, playful, fun, inspirational and speak to your heart. I also like to create things that are usable and that's where my functional ceramics fall in. You can use them! They're bright, fanciful, animated, playful, fun...... "Dishes that make you smile"

I've always painted. Walls, furniture anything I could put a brush to. Anything that stays still is subject to being redesigned with paint and my brush!

Really I love to make people smile! When I see someone pick up a piece of mine and that slow smile starts and the laughter shines bright in their eyes, well then my job is complete. I find that happens again and again! 

That thrills me.......

The nature of my work varies, but ALWAYS invovles designs that make me smile, and captivates others when they see my creations....I will choose bright, vibrant colors over earth tones and the magical over the realistic. Though I do offer a few lines of the robust earthy tones, my bent is towards those of vibrance and brightness.

Influenced by Latin and other Cultural folk arts, and often infused with beautiful proverbial words, most all spirited designs have a story behind them..

My "Sunshine Pattern" was first drawn up when I was 7yrs old. My father was a fabric buyer and I decided I was going to draw up a fabric design with my crayons. Well, I never made it on to fabric, but that design is my "Top-Seller".....

My "Hearts with Words" design was inspired in my involvement in a womens' outreach AIDS education program in Africa. I realized that love is a universal language. Though we may not be able to heal the physical body with love, we certainly can heal the heart and soul of another with love. That which in return may heal the physical.  So my verbage on that creation speaks of and with that thought.

My intent is that my work will reach your whimsical, playful side, but also speak to your heart.

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