Cristine Boyd

The black and white ceramics of Cristine Boyd make everyday moments of dining, entertaining and gift giving memorable and special, as her hand crafted ceramics are conversational pieces indeed. 

As the founder of All Clay, Cristine has been designing, making and teaching ceramics since 1989. Her work represents her interest in pattern and rhythm and her stylized and abstracted expression of human and animal form, portray playful and strong emotion.  

Her work is formed in hand-made bisque press molds and decorated with the ancient sgrafiatto technique - that is the image on the surface is hand carved through a thin layer of colored clay.

She produces a standard line of delightful plates, platters, mugs, tumblers, bowls, and vases along with an ever evolving line of interesting utilitarian and decorative pieces. Her work is durable, beautiful to look at and lovely to touch as the sgrafiatto technique imparts a wonderful tactile texture to each piece. 

*Please call for availabiilty, sizes and prices.
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